Company Profile

Tunza Enterprise Group Pty Ltd incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia on 20 January 2000.  The Directors, John E Warouw. and Annette M Curran founded this Company after decades of experience in the Information Management / Information Technology industry. 


To make you or your Organisation succeed by assisting in areas that are outside your or your Organisation's primary skill-set.


To be the Business Consultants of choice


Tunza accomplishes this by:


Consultation is primarily performed by the Principle Consultant. When Tunza requires additional resources, Tunza will specifically recruit for the assignment at hand or propose to engage additional Consultants. That way Tunza can ensure that the Professionals assigned to a programme best match the required skills to ensure success.

Assignments / Experience

Tunza's experience includes, and is not limited to, consulting services to Clients such as: